Farmville Cheat Codes - Get Gold and XP Fast

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Many Farmville cheat codes aren't so much "codes" in the traditional sense as they are ways to take advantage of the game and maximize your profit. The only code that matters for these cheats is the code behind the game, and how you can take advantage of it. Farmville is a fun game even without cheat codes, but watching your cash go up faster than your neighbors and acquiring lots of ribbons to show off in your live feed is worth whatever little feeling of guilt that comes from taking advantage of Farmville cheat codes, or as I like to call them, "creative problem-solving methods."

Many of the cheats out there today, such as the Hay Bale trick and the Soybean trick, are well-known and have been around since the game's inception. Some Farmville cheat codes only work for certain browsers, such as the following one for Firefox, or for certain neighbors. The only suggestion is to try each one out, and if it works it works, and if not, you move on. If you're looking for more Farmville cheat codes, you can always go to a website or a blog dedicated to keeping on top of all the information you need to get ahead in Farmville.

If you really want to get your farm in top shape fast, consider downloading a cheat engine. This is an open-source tool that allows you to modify variables in your computer's memory. In plain English, this means that you can change how fast crops ripen and are ready for harvest, how fast your farmer moves, and how much XP you get. I would recommend finding a guide before you start doing this on your own, in order to help you figure out which variables to change. You won't be able to change everything, as a lot of the code is stored on Zynga's servers, but you'll be able to get a significant leg up on your competition.

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Farmville Cheats

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Cheating is such a dirty word. I like to call it "creative problem-solving."

Farmville Facebook cheats may possibly be the most “googled” phrase. Unfortunately, the newness of the game does not lend itself to many cheats. But do not fret! After a bit of digging, I found some very noteworthy Farmville Facebook cheats.

By now, everyone knows the trick of “trapping” your person in with hay bales or fences to prevent them from having to walk all the way around the farm for a single tree. But, there are new additions to these well known Farmville Facebook cheats. I did not believe this fascinating tip until I actually saw it in person. Start by trapping your character like you normally would, but leave a little space around you. Next put four sign posts in the shape of a square around you. Finally, start farming. For some reason, the whole process speeds up even faster than it does with simply being trapped. However, I recommend turning off the music and sound. Every time I’ve done this cheat with the sound on, all my animals continuously made noise. Very irritating.

For those of you who are not all too concerned with blatant Farmville Facebook cheats, consider downloading a cheat engine. While this type of behavior is not condoned in the internet gaming world, it is highly effective if you want maximum profit in minimum time. With the cheat engine, you can turn up the speed on the images. Your farmer will not walk to the crops; he will flat out sprint. Other options are to downplay the importance of clicking. Running the mouse over a fully grown crop will harvest them without a click. But cheater beware: everyone loves Farmville Facebook cheats, but everyone hates a virus.

Another of the Farmville Facebook cheats is completely legit and provides you with countless neighbors. A website called is a simple forum for lonely farmers. Add your Facebook link to the discussion board or click on another Farmville enthusiast’s link. Having more neighbors means more farms to help, crops to fertilize, gifts to receive, and more people helping out your farm. This site is virus free; posting a link takes a few minutes because a monitor checks to make sure you’re not there to ruin the fun. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

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Raking in the Farmville Cash

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Playing Farmville is like running a business, and as with any business, the goal is to earn money. Watching crops grow and harvesting trees is fun, but raking in the Farmville cash is the satisfying part. Having loads of money translate to larger buildings, elaborate decorations, and, of course, making your neighbors green with envy.

Farmville cash is broken down into two categories: coins and bucks. The coins are used for purchasing seeds, plowing lands, and buying most other items. You also earn coins when you harvest crops, trees, and animals. The coins are the essence of the business. The Farmville bucks are a little trickier. Each time you move up a level, you earn a buck. Yes, it is discouraging, but here are some more facts about Farmville cash that will get you that perfect plantation.

Thankfully earning coins is the breezy side of Farmville cash as they are the key to building a productive farm. You can obviously earn them harvesting, but there are other methods that can fill up the bank. Helping neighbors rid their farms of pesky critters and fertilizing their crops is a quick way to earn some coins (and experience points). Any time a friend publicly posts an achievement such as earning an award, mastering a crop, or increasing a level, a bonus is offered. Simply click and watch the coins add up. Some methods don’t even require that much effort. The occasional raffle can reward you with coins simply by logging in and sometimes your effort of plowing your field unearths a hidden 100 coins. Earning more coins allows you to plant more crops which allow you to earn even more coins. Just keep at it!

Farmville bucks are not so generous. No magic buck floats up from the field. You don’t get bucks for being a good neighbor. You will never earn an extra buck even if you spend 24/7 on your farm. One buck for every level is pretty tightfisted. Luckily, if you are willing to go the extra mile, there is a loophole. Survey sites have caught on to the Farmville craze. If you want to earn some extra Farmville cash, both coins and bucks, take a few surveys and request to be paid in Farmville bucks. No, this is not cheating. On top bar of the page there is an option called “Add Farm Coins and Cash” where you can set to work away from the farm.

If you are desperate, truly desperate for Farmville cash, there is also the option to buy coins and bucks if you are willing to spend your real, hard earned money. The bragging rights that come with Farmville cash are great, but how satisfying is it to buy your way to the top? Instead, get all the tricks and tips you will need to rake in Farmville cash and bucks by ordering this ebook. Now the secrets can all be yours!

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FarmVille - The Game

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FarmVille is a super fun FaceBook game that is quickly becoming the place to be on the social media megasite. Fans of casual gaming will find there is a whole lot to love in the FarmVille game, as FarmVille lets players start or join a farming community all of their own. Like similar forms of social media games, the FarmVille game requires you to stop by periodically in order to care for your crops, making it a great way to break up your day when you are just looking for a moment of distraction.

At the heart of the FarmVille game is the act of caring for and expanding your own farm. Players start off pretty small with six little plots of land and a couple of plants that are ready to harvest. After you harvest, you may then sell your veggies at market, then use your profits to reseed and expand your farm. The best tip for new players is to team up with someone who has been playing for a while, as they are usually happy to help out new players with their resources. Some veggies take as little as four hours before they can be harvested, while more valuable crops can take far longer to grow. However, if you do not remember to stop by and check in on your crops during the day, you will find that they will eventually whither and die.

One of the best things about the FarmVille game is that players are free to play it as passively or as actively as they like. If you are just looking to explore a new casual game and maybe maintain a little farm on FaceBook, that's fine. Other players really get into it and soon find that their farm is growing exponentially. Regardless of how much or how little you choose to play, you can still keep up with friends and colleagues by stopping by to help them on their farm from time to time.

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Farmville is a fun game that can require a lot of time from the player. However, it does not have to be that time intensive! There are several tips that you can use to make the game experience better, as well as much more enjoyable.

The best farmville tips are those that allow you to gain experience and coins quickly. Here is a tip that you are going to want to use! Macros are automated software programs that one can use to repeat actions over and over again. This comes in handy when you do not want to sit at a computer for 4 hours waiting for your crops to grow. You can also have the program plant, harvest or delete your crops. You gain XP, or experience points by doing all of these actions. Many different macros are available on sites across the internet, some sites even have other farmville tips.

Other farmville tips will allow you to gain badges and ribbons. You can play with friends, family and your neighbors. You can have so much fun that you lose track of time! For example, did you know that you can build a chicken coop to get a special badge? Another one of the great farmville tips is to look out for special items that Farmville offers from time to time. These items are only for a limited time and can provide some great features. You might be able to harvest an item quickly and make a lot of coins for just a small investment!

Crop death is a really difficult thing to deal with. In some cases, the servers can crash and you can lose all your crops. Luckily, farmville tips suggest that you keep some coins in reserve just in case you lose everything. You would hate to have to start all over, wouldn't you?

Just remember that coins are replaceable, some items are not. Try making as much as possible using these farmville tips. Not only will you have fun playing the game, you will have fun being successful! Learn more about Farmville Tips by clicking here.


Farmville hacks are pretty hard to come by. The game is still fairly new so the avid users are still figuring them out. Also, cheat codes are not built into the game like they sometimes are with a gaming system. But, lo and behold, some computer wizard out there in cyber world came to this sober realization and took action. If Farmville doesn’t come with hacks, let the hacks come to Farmville.

Cheat Engine is a download
alters the game in a couple different ways. It can speed the movement of your avatar allowing for quick farming. It also takes the game out of real time and can speed it up by 500%. I tested this one out. It was almost comical the way my character darted across the screen, but suddenly all my animals, trees, and crops were ready for harvesting. When I finally finished my work, it started all over again! It was a never-ending circle of harvesting, plowing, and planting. A little word to the wise: turn the Cheat Engine off when not in use. The point of a Farmville hack is not to increase your workload.

This is by far the best Farmville hack known to the game yet. Do you have that friend at level 72 or something equally insane? Or maybe you turn green with envy helping out so-and-so because he has every building possible. My guess is that they discovered the Farmville AutoBot
. This crazy little download plows, plants, and harvests everything for you. This Farmville hack even picks up every black sheep and strawberry cow within seconds of the notification being posted. You could never log in to Facebook again and still blow everyone else out of the water.

While the Cheat Engine and Farmville AutoBot sound like godsends as Farmville hacks, there is a downfall. If Zynga or Facebook discovers the method behind your madness, your farm will be deleted and possibly your Facebook account. If you still feel the need to give it a shot, keep it to a minimum. Make your friends jealous, but don’t draw attention to anyone higher up.

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Farmville Guide for Beginners

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With the bombardment of information surrounding the beloved Farmville game, sometimes the basics are overlooked. Here is a simple Farmville guide that begins from square one.

Be Your Own Person When you first begin the game, you are asked to make an avatar that represents you. But fear not; you are not committed to keeping this original appearance. Clicking your character at any point allows you to change facial features, skin color, hair styles, and more.

Fallow Land is not Worthless Plowing fallow land costs 15 coins each time you harvest or create new farming areas, but you do gain one experience point each time you do so. Clicking the hoe icon or the multi-use arrow allows you to carry out this vital operation on your farm. Don’t be upset about a wasted 15 coins. They open the door to potential profit!

Early to Bed, Early to Rise Farming is hard work. But this is a Farmville guide, not our forefather's sole means of survival. Thankfully Farmville allows you to reap all the (virtual) benefits without the pesky bugs or destructive weather. Crops take anywhere from 2 hours to 4 days to fully grow. After they are grown, you have the same amount of time to harvest them before they start to wither. For example, a 2 hour crop takes 4 hours to wilt; a 1 day crop takes 2 days to wither. So plan ahead. If you don’t want to wake up early, don’t plant raspberries before bed.

Actions Speak Louder than Words No Farmville Guide is complete without giving you an edge up on the competition. Nearly every action earns you experience points, and racking up experience points allows you to move onto the next level where your market and gift options are widened. Each time you plow, plant, help neighbors, fertilize neighbor’s crops, harvest your own fertilized crops, purchase buildings and decorations, and receive a ribbon, you earn experience points.

Don’t Get Caught If you are like the average Farmville player, you’re checking on your crops during class, at work, or in the middle of the night. This Farmville guide keeps the repercussions of that at bay. The left side of the page has the options to mute the sounds and turn off the music. Having all the time in the world to play Farmville would be great, but getting fired from your job for neglecting duties is not the way to do it.

Bonus Tip: Click “My Neighbors” at the top of your page to see a list of your neighbors. It also lists your friends who are Farmville users but may not be your neighbor yet. Here you can request them to be your neighbor with ease and enjoy all the benefits that accompany a wide circle of friends.

Mastering the aspects of this Farmville Guide will provide you with the foundation for bypassing all your neighbors in no time.

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